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Considerable restorations but a typical wheel barometer. Dimensions 10" x 38 ½" Ref: 1519 SOLD A traditional 8” dial dark mahogany veneered wheel barometer with shell & flower inlays, black & white stringing to edge of case, architectural pediment surmounted with original turned ball finial, long faded spirit filled thermometer, 8” dial inscribed ‘G Bartolla & Co.

Oxford’ and ‘Warranted’ with bone set key below (replaced).

Mercury filled thermometer above, swan neck pediment, the case with shoulders above and below dial.

Re-polished, replacement finial, pediment repaired, replacement cast bezel and hands, replacement mercury tube.

The barometer generally restored, replacement level and hygrometer bezels, finial, tube and set key maintaining most of the original polish. This barometer repaired according to inscription on the back by J Groce Nov.24 1860 who has replaced his own level plate for the original one, which is unknown.

The case at some time re-polished, with a patch to the right-hand side at the top.

A very traditional type of barometer and a reasonable price.

This barometer has a replacement finial, pateraes, hygrometer, mirror, level bezel and mercury tube but retains original polish. Dimension: 37 ½" x 10" Ref 1538 SOLD A traditional 8" dial mercury wheel barometer in figured mahogany veneered cased with black & white stringing to edge, some slight un-evenness to the veneered case.

Swan neck pediment repaired, finial replaced, hygrometer replaced, short thermometer, scale and tube replaced, convex mirror and frame replaced, the bezel on the main dial is of concave design.

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